10 March 2010

:We know where the Spirit of the Lord is:

Guys, I can't stress enough

go.buy. the new Passion CD. I don't have it yet, but I'm streaming Live Link from Monday night off the website. It's only going to be up for 24 hours though...so I'd definitely go check that if you get a chance.

these songs are written on my heart. They each hold such a special meaning to me - each signifies a promise that God has given me...that He has fulfilled from the very beginning of time. It's absolutely fantastic.

Have you ever stumbled on a promise - one you didn't know was there? HOW GREAT!! I absolutely love it!! They are everywhere in the Bible...we just overlook them in our quest to find what will make our actions and thoughts acceptable. How terrible that we miss what God is saying to us - His whispers of love and promise to us. wow!

He is the COVENANT MAKER and relationship keeper.
He is the ultimate server - the doorholder.
He brings restorations.
He heals the torn.
He is the center.


what an incredible word. it comes from the Greek word kentein - to prick.
He pricks our hearts, yes?

"We run with passion for Your name" - for Ha Shem!

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