10 March 2010

hopelessness and helplessness

"When believers are totally outnumbered and no one stands with us in godliness, few are strong enough to resist lowering the standard to relativity. Proverbs 21:10 warns us not to 'move an ancient boundary stone.'" - Beth Moore.

keep checking back..this is going to get longer after dinner.


First of all, I should be writing an essay, but that's beside the point.

I can't explain how many times in the past twenty-four hours that I have simply ran into God's clothes-lining throat karate chop.
Make plans: HIS plan prevails.
Think you've got it all under control..think again. it's not yours to control in the first place.
pretty sure you let go and let God handle all your relationships: might want to take your little white knuckles off of them first.

One cannot stand alone. A friend once told me that you'll see trees thriving together...TOGETHER...and those standing alone are more prone to falling at the mercies of the elements or any number of other things.
This is true in us..we, as followers of Christ, m.u.s.t. stand united. Division...division does nothing but divide.
Now, listen. I know you're thinking that was the dumbest statement you've ever seen or heard, but hear me out. Since when does God divide His people? Yes, there were 12 tribes, but they were united together as the children of Israel. He surely parted the Red Sea AND the Jordan River, but ALL HIS PEOPLE, TOGETHER, walked across on dry land. Amen?
Then why do we stand divided? Oh, that's right - we don't stand! The body has need of its every part - that is why we, together, as individual pieces of the body of Christ with specific duties (let me add - YOU ARE NOT THE SAME!),

Dividing ourselves only hurts ourselves. One part cannot say to the other that it is better and the other is worthless because with out BOTH, NEITHER would function correctly.

Who are we that we think we can let petty, insignificant, arrogant, prideful lusts of the flesh divide us? WE ARE ALL SPECIAL - I know you heard that in elementary school! So STOP saying to your brothers and sisters that they aren't worth it. If it has been created by God, it has been created WITH SPECIFIC PURPOSE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.

Now, stand united.

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