12 March 2010

thought process: obliterated

1. forgot my meds. (yeah..I forget to wake up sometimes...regularly taking meds = bad for forgetful people)
2. ate some pizza (with red tomatoey goodness...on a bagel)
3. uber-stress culmination (seriously....one of the most stressful weeks of my life)
4. cried....about three rivers worth (I mean...I was almost crying UP..so I'd give the Nile a run for it's money)
5. went to sleep l.a.t.e. after packing

1. woke up...dizzy.
2. called mom - dizzy = sinus drainage...drink some apple juice and eat a cracker
3. one cracker and two juiceboxes later: TUM IS ANGRYYYYY (I have an ornery old man living in there, just so you know...his name is Wilbur)
4. try to sleep...no such luck
5. call mom...Pepto. stop eating tomatoes. drink water.
6. swallow pepto pills, gag.
7. almost throw up..................burp. (according to doc: stomach lining is irritated causing me to reflux REALLY.BADLY...possibly brought on by one or all of the following: excessive caffeine, monumental stress, itty-bitty sleeps, bad food eating)
8. back to bed. sleep for an hour. wake up having to pee (excessive amount of water intake, obviously)
9. take meds..early, but still....and eat yogurt.

it's not even 11am.

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