24 July 2009

"This is my desire" "I will wait on You" "But if for Rain" "Arise"

Sometimes I just have the desire to stand in the wide open and stretch out my arms to the horizon and scream “This is my desire,” to the Lord. To completely give up the ghost that is within me like the Bible says so many have done before me and stand empty and open to be filled by God in such a way that everything dead is gone from me.
I want to stand as if being crucified to my flesh and my desires and cry out to the Lord saying, “I want to be used by You.”
I want to awaken when God calls “Arise” over his temples. I want to arise as if I have been asleep for a thousand years, an ancient of old, waiting on that one word. Such a command and passion.
I want to burn so with passion that when I do come forth from this deadly state, I am burning alive – in my eyes and all over my body – a walking furnace engulfing those around me in the same heavenly flame. Torching cities of Satan and burning them in the fear of God.
I will wait on Him, but my heart is stirring within me, making me restless. Sleep isn’t possible when all I want to do is run, fly to them and tell them of His wrath, His power, His love, His jealousy, His mercy.
My heart is stirring. Blood is pumping at an alarming rate and my body wants to let go. There’s another being inside of me screaming to get out, one that does not belong on this earth, that cannot be unleashed here…but if for rain. It can only wait for the day when the Redeemer returns to command His people – Arise.

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