17 July 2009

por favor

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Some of you may know that my older brother was in a car accident about three years ago. From the looks of it, he should've died, but praise the Lord who protects us!! He ended up having an aneurysm on his aorta that supplied the blood to his left arm. The doctors, by God's grace and mercy, got into him quick enough to put a stint into his aorta before the aneurysm ruptured.

He's been basically fine since then, but came to my dad and I last night saying he felt something weird in his chest/arm and wasn't sure what it is. Dad said it could be from riding the 4-wheeler, but it could also be from the stint. Brad's really worried about it and I think he just wants reassurance from the Lord and a doctor that it's NOT his stint moving. So, if you guys could pray for him, I'd greatly appreciate it.

p.s. Stint: it's almost like a net-type deal that they put inside his aorta that expanded and attached itself to the wall to strengthen it and provide extra 'padding' sort of so the aneurysm would go away...if that makes sense. But it takes a while to attach so they put him on blood pressure medicine to keep his blood from pumping really hard and possibly moving the stint before it attached fully to the wall...because if it moved, the aneurysm would be unprotected and probably burst.
aneurysm: kinda like a bubble in the outside wall of his aorta...the tissue in the wall was damaged, but not to the point of bursting..like there was one more layer of tissue before it would burst and it kind of bubbled up under the pressure.

google it...my definitions are yuck

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