27 July 2009

Mother Teresa mentioned this Psalm in Bible study Sunday night and I read it tonight in affiliation with the part of "Crazy Love" I am studying.
In the process, I wrote a sort of shorthand, personal version of it and figured I'd share. :)
It goes along with Hebrews 4:13 as well.

God, you've tested me and search me. You know all there is to know about me, from the time I sleep to the time I wake up. You know my dreams in the night and everything I do during the day. You know my goals and thoughts. You understand them, even when no one else can see where I'm coming from. You understand why I do what I do and know me like the back of Your hands. You took the time to get to know the inner workings of my heart.
Not a word that escapes my lips, Father, do You not know completely. There is not one idea that escapes me that is without your knowledge.
God, you've surrounded me on all sides with a protection. You've put Your hand on me to guide me in the way that I should go.
O, Lord, how can I even understand this? I can't comprehend the lengths You've gone to in order to protect me. Everything that You know about me...God, I don't even know. I can't even begin to think thoughts so high.
How can I get away from you? Where could I go and not be in Your presence or accompanied by Your spirit?
God, You are in heaven. You are even in the depths of hell. Father, you reign from morning until morning and in the depths of the sea that no man has ever seen.
Even in the farthest places imaginable, You are there. Your hand still guides me and protects me. Your arms still reach told hold me there.
I can imagine that darkness and night will hide me from You, but the truth is...darkness cannot conceal anything from You. Night can't keep secrets from You. It is no different from daytime in Your sight.
Father, You made my heart beat and weaved together my intestines, stomach, and organs. You covered me with skin and spoke into existence every atom that is my body. Even while I was inside my mother, You knew my very soul.
God, I will praise You if only because I am created in such a way that no other can comprehend. Doctors can study and gain knowledge, but they will never understand. I know inside my soul that Your creations surpass any others.
You knew me as soon as I was conceived, though it was done in secret. None of it was secret to You. All the while, You had me planned.
You knew me when I wasn't even a thought. You knew me and wanted me before speaking the world into existance. You made record of my name and the time of my birth. You wrote my soul and heart, planned every atom and cell that would ever join to become me...before they even existed.
How incredible are Your thoughts of me! There are so many of them. If I were to count the number of times You thought of me, the amount of love You have for me...it would be more than the sand on the beaches, more than the stars in the sky.
When I'm awake, Lord, I am still in Your presence.
Surely you will kill the bad, God. I wish those that hate You and are blood thirsty to be creators would just vanish! God, no one can create but YOU! They speak against you and their every breath takes Your name in vain!
Oh Lord, I hate those that hate you and my heart hurts when people speak and act against You. Your enemies are my enemies.
Father, I don't want to be like them. Look in the very depths of my soul, even to my skin, and know the true love of my heart. Test me, know my every thoughts. If there is any wicked in me, take it from me and lead me in Your way...Your everlasting will.

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