27 July 2009

paper mate pens

You told me once you wouldn't disappear,
like Thelma always stuck with Louise.
If I'm wrong, you'll call me an idiot,
but even then I'll never see you walk away.

That's a hard bargain you drive,
some people don't understand the concept of sisters.
We'll be friends forever, though.
And no one will catch us walking away.


Faith is what I hope for and proof that
------->There’s something more out there to believe.
When I stand here on this mountain
------->And overlook Your seas,
How am I to fall away to those who despise?
------->Or find myself shaking in fear?
You are all there is to me of life and death and in between
------->And Your voice is all I hear.


Riddle me this, my sweet muse
why come and go here
like a firefly on short fuse?
Come and stay, stay a while
have a drink and we'll chat
maybe we'll sail the Nile.
and go out in style
with the smile of all smiles.
Into a great wordless abyss
--------------->never to return.

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