10 July 2009

broken hearted

Chapter eight is proving to be difficult. I don't know quite what to write.

I don't want to let my heart take over because it would be a complete fairy tale and that rarely happens in life.
I don't want logic and my hand to truly take control either because there's no fun in that, and how often does logic take control?

So what is it that will dictate this chapter and the rest of this book?

I can't imagine writing heart break on my pages. To put such pain in words seems rash and not worth it. Is that why I have such disdain for the novels of Nicholas Sparks?

I've been hurt and had my heart in such pain that it felt unbearable, but never broken. I know pain, but to have your heart literally broken, bashed...not just battered...how do you come back from that? How can you write down something so life-destroying on a page?

I know these characters in real life and to bring pain to them would destroy my heart and mind. Even if they were created, they are mine...to cause them pain would hurt me more than them, I think.

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