12 July 2009

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So I got my financial aid 'report' from Berry in the mail ...yesterday evidently, but since mom wasn't home no one checked the mail.

Tuition is roughly 33 grand, right? well, I need 6Gs.

The picture in the previous post is one I entered in a scholarship contest on Brickfish. So if you guys don't mind, will you please oh please vote so I could win?

Right now, I'm holding to God's promise to me. He told me He'd provide me with an education and after a lot of prayer last year, this year, now, etc...I KNOW that Berry is where I'm supposed to be. I knew that when I got the acceptance letter in the mail last year, though I'd been accepted to other schools. Mom asked me if I was "settling" for Berry because I hadn't gotten early-admission acceptance from UGA. I told her, "No, mom. If I was settling, I'd pick UGA...Berry's too expensive to be a settlement school." And it's true. This place is expensive, but I know that God's got me there for a reason. There are people I am supposed to be ministering to for Him. I'm supposed to be growing there in Him.

I'd greatly appreciate your prayers that I could hold on to my faith tightly...and never let doubt enter my mind. Caleb waited 45 years for God to fulfill His promise. If it takes that long, I'll wait too. That's what kind of faith I want to have.

Psalm 1:3 says that we are like trees planted by the Living Water - firm and unmoving in Him, in our faith.
In Joshua 14:12, Caleb proclaims "GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN PROMISED BY GOD!" He knew God would fulfill His promise, regardless of how impossible it looked in human eyes.

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