24 July 2009

books, chapters, and PHP oh my!

I've been writing this story and uploading it to my website ... aka I've been writing the code for it and all.

Well anyway, it started to be really frustrating because I was having to go to each individual page and update the sidebar, etc because I kept adding Chapters.

I emailed Bonnie, my host and old friend from high school, and asked her for some pointers. I knew there was an easier way to do things, but I couldn't remember how or where to find out.

Thankfully, when we were still in high school [I think I was a freshman or sophomore] she created a tutorial type deal for those of us that she was hosting in order for us to learn more about what we were doing and HOW to do it.

She sent me a link to that site where she'd put up some information about making pages into PHP format so that it was easier to update. It's kind of like iFrames, but it works on all browsers instead of just Internet Explorer.

I started working on it tonight and completely got frustrated. There was something wrong and I couldn't quite figure out what it was so I ended up emailing her my newly created php documents along with my original that I was working from.

Obviously, she's asleep like any abnormal individual this side of Alaska and still hasn't replied. I decided not to work on it anymore and called it a night. The only thing about this is when I get started, I have to finish or it will drive me insane.

So, I took a break and started again. I checked all my tags over and over. I ended up finding two that were causing an error, fixed them, and everything is back up and running.

Fixing something like that makes me feel accomplished!

and yet...still...I am less than nothing and Adonai is more than everything. <3

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