12 June 2009

Who could see your heart...

Who could see your heart and resist you? The rich blood that flows there is more pure than can be found in such a wretched place as this.

This morning felt horrible. It's so hard for me to understand why people do what they do. I can't bring myself to condemn or judge or even be truly upset about it, but somewhere I know that if I wasn't being held by THE One, True God...it would hurt, to the utmost.

I wish I could show them, to stand before them broken, and show them how God has mended me and improved me. Life isn't a bed of roses and everyone makes mistakes and has skeletons in their back pockets, but judgment is a little harsh coming from those who've known you for so long.

A friend once told me...humanity is no excuse for our sins, but it's all we have. [AM]

They confuse me...I'm not sure I understand why all of this happens or where it comes from. I don't see how they see. Is that bad? Am I merely a 'teenager who will grow out of it' or is this really me?


Four letters of the twenty-six that make up the English alphabet, each of which is abused.
I know no four letters who, together, are as abused as these.
And, oh, how many four-letter words there are in our society today.
Ask Scattegories which asks you for one depending on the bright side of the die.


A simple sentence that can stand on its own.
A peaceful, yet urgent command. Forceful, yet a whisper.
Pristine and articulate.


As simple as "go" or "come"
How can we stand idly by and ignore such an urgent and powerful command?


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