25 June 2009

might I add

I am constantly floored by my Father.

Have you ever had desires, feelings, wants, needs even...that you just felt deep down. But to tell someone [and this is just a random example] to text you randomly or send you a letter...would kind of take away the meaning of it because you had to suggest it.
Is that psycho?

I kind of thought it might be until recently.

God seems to know when I need a little boost...when I just need to KNOW.
Sometimes it's like He's just hugging me...and I promise you, He gives the best hugs.

To say that I'm thankful and grateful for the blessings I have in my life would be an understatement.
To say I'd been brought to my knees or fallen prostrate at His feet in ... complete awe would be short of what I feel in the presence of my Adonai.
Just breathing His name brings a peace over my heart. If there is one who can make me weak in the knees and give my heart the craziest flutter, it is He.

and how He tells me He loves me...there are so many ways. Countless, numerous, various, in every way.

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