17 June 2009


dude. I have talented cousins. they can all sing.
Especially Christina. goooooodness. Her voice gives me chills. Sure, she's got a set of pipes, but she sings so much from her soul that it's crazy. Everytime she opens her mouth to sing it's obvious how much she depends on the Lord.

At Youth tonight, the praise band sang "Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe. If you haven't heard it or any of Kari's other music, I encourage you NOW to look it up on YouTube or Myspace or Facebook - somewhere! It's so good!!
But when Christina and Ashley belted out those notes, I had chills. The first time I heard that song was at Transition at Berry...and I remember so vividly the chains, the baggage, that I released to the Lord then. It wasn't the song that did it or anything like that, but I remember singing...almost screaming...that song with the relief and joy that I felt.
That all came flooding back to me tonight when I heard them sing that song. I wish I could find a recording of them singing that song or just Christina singing. She has an incredible voice and I feel so blessed to know her.

I'm leaving to go with April to Roberta for a little while. I'll be back later. I don't think I'm going to sleep much tonight. My heart is too on fire. <3

p.s. I miss ketchup...it's too hot to be riding in anything but a topless jeep!

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