28 June 2009

post-milly revelations

I heard the song by Kari Jobe again a few minutes ago..more like 30ish, but when I was updating my Facebook status a few minutes ago, part of it came rushing back.

"I sing over you my song of peace."

Lately, I've been battling within myself trying to decide which school to go to. I think it's bothered me and eaten at me more than I've let on to anyone. There are perks and not-so-great things about both Berry and GC&SU. I've been so torn.

This line, a good half hour after my hearing the song, completely slammed into my chest, into my heart with the rush of a catastrophic peace wave. My confusion and insecurities were completely submerged, drowned, in peace from my Daddy.

So often I worry myself over things that I cannot control when I should lend myself to completely trusting the Lord and giving to Him every situation in my life. It's like seeds - if you plant them and keep digging them up to check on them, they will never grow. But if I leave my life in the calloused, deeply lined palms of my heavenly Father, I know that it will all be taken care of in due time.

And not just concerning my future schooling. He is, if I let Him, in full control of EVERYTHING - friendship, my BELOVED, family, health, money, job, everything.
There is nothing that HE cannot handle. He is my ALL, my everything.

He will handle my issues with friends like Lauren. He will correct MY attitude in EVERY situation and help me to react to EVERYTHING in the way that I should.

He has not put this strong desire for a soulmate in my heart for no reason. He will honor the desires of my heart - Psalm 37:4. If I trust in Him, He will guide my paths.

He will bring peace to my household because He promised. He will show me what I'm supposed to be doing after college and provide money and stability to do His will.

He will take me out of my comfort zone in order to better prove His love to me and to USE me more perfectly in His will.

He has given so many promises and my job is to hold so strongly to them that nothing can possibly take them away. I am to lean so fully on Him that I am engulfed by His strength, power, mercy, and love.

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