23 June 2009

Uptown Girl

"I run to you when my heart is weak, I cling to you..you're all I need." You provide my every need and bless me until my heart feels like it will burst. Joy such as this cannot be known outside Your everlasting embrace.

holy cow. I feel like I have just been...wow. I don't even know. I serve an incredible God.

Last night was Boys Like Girls in Atlanta and it was fabulous. We were able to get all-access passes for our little group. I even got to go on their tour bus!! On the way up there, we stopped at Chick Fil A in Griffin and I got to meet Mrs. Joyce's new boy. It was nice. He seems pretty cool and a bunch more legit than the previous few that there have been. She seems happy with him. That's what matters the most to me.
When we finally got there and had finished our five minute visit with the boys on the bus, I got so anxious. Jennifer called and said she was on her way and my stomach was turning. It's easy to forget how much you miss someone until the few moments before you see them. I think I was more excited just to see her face than I was to see Boys Like Girls at all!
I met her outside at Ketchup, but refrained from tackling her. It was definitely hard!! hahaha

Inside Heaven it was incredibly hot. Our passes got us into some A/C though :) We got to chat with the other bands - Never Shout Never and The Ready Set - as well as free access to loads of water and beer if we wanted it [yuck! but to each his/her own]. We traipsed in and out, depending on how much heat we felt like dealing with, each time showing our sweet pink pass. holla! Jennifer and I took lots of crazy pictures just because we can and acted like goof balls most of the time - typical us. I like it :)
Boys Like Girls finally took the stage - there was so much fog that .. I know they couldn't see anything! My pictures look like nothing but schmokiness. Since it was BabySam's birthday, Martin bought him a nastycake from Walmart or K-Mart or somewhere and made the whole crowd sing happy birthday to him ... and THEN ... Sam got to play drums for hero/heroine - well, the beginning of it. Of course he knew it too. :) I love that kid and his talent!! I think that's probably the most incredibl 16th birthday present you could get! It beats my bonfire for SURE.

After that, we chilled with the guys after their showers and got them to sign stuff and just be friends. It was pretty cool.
When Mrs. Joyce said that we needed to probably get going soon, my heart was very much not happy. It was telling me that it didn't want to go. And only 4 hours with Jennifer freaking Parr is not enough. That's like telling a drug addict he/she can only have one puff of the good stuff or telling someone to only eat one Pringle. You just can't.

Jennimifer and I ran out the do' to exchange books and such. When we got to Ketchup, she realized she left her lights on so his battery was dead. We didn't think we would find jumper cables, but we finally did, praise the Lord, and all was right with the world. :) I was sad that we had to leave though. We forgot to grab the books and such out of Ketchup's butt so I had to crawl over the seat and get them. I wasn't about to let Ketchup be turned off because he might not live again. Plus, I miss crawling over the seats. :)
Before we left for Steak-n-Shake, I got to read the very first part of our notebook and it scared me. I was anxious just to get to some light somewhere so I could sit down and read it. When I did, I cried. No one noticed, thank the Lord. I don't know how I would've explained it because I couldn't find words. To say I was speechless or breathless would only be half of it. My heart was going crazy because I have been blessed with the most incredible friends who share my faith in Adonai. If you'd asked me fall semester of last year, I would never have guessed that I'd be this happy after everything that happened last year. I would never have guessed that Jennifer and I would be close beyond acquaintances and I would have never guessed that I'd be just...so blessed.

The ride home was crazy. I should've gone to sleep, but I wouldn't let myself. It's hard for me to when I know that other people are trying to stay awake and drive and it's hard. I feel obligated to suffer with them and help keep them awake. :D I'm crazy, I know.
I know I didn't go to sleep, but I did daydream a little. When I'm riding home from concerts or just fun-time I find myself in rewind going back over what happened that night/day. I go back through everything, from getting back stage passes or that car that passed us to a grab of the hand and whisper that no one else would hear. Through doing that, I realized that my heart is full to overflowing. I've made so many memories that I don't want to forget. I know that many of them will slowly slip to the back of my mind and I will eventually no longer be able to recall them - some of them already have - but I am so thankful. I will never be able to forget the overall feeling of joy and breathlessness that comes from being blessed with kindred spirits and dear friends.

Today I've done a little bit of nothing. I slept some after Georgia Power came this morning and fixed the power - there was a storm last night that knocked power out in my neighborhood. Lightning struck a power pole and split it in half. last night when we came home, it was just hanging there. I'm so grateful that the lines didn't touch the ground. At least the GP people got a good night's rest and were able to work on the lines without too much grogginess clouding their judgements. :)
I put pictures up on Facebook of last night and successfully blew up Jennifer's email by commenting on almost all of her pictures from her roadtrip to Canada/Niagara Falls. :D I'm such an awesome kid sometimes. :P Then I picnik'd some and am still doing so. I've got to work on my story! And I want to read. Having gone three days without a bit of NCIS might be the death of me.

I love thinking about the future - thinking about how many times Jennifer and I get to hang out and the roadtrip to Nashville with she and April [it's going to be epic, I'm telling you]..and everything. But last night a comment was made that made my mind go places I didn't like. It made me realize that I'm going to be back at school, which is okay. I can deal with that - but there's going to be a time when two weeks is nothing..when it's more like a month or two...and I don't know if I can handle it!
I saw a Facebook bumper sticker that put this quite well and I think it was a Charlie Brown quote : "Absense may make the heart grow fonder but it sure does make the rest of you lonely."
Missing people sucks. And I miss a lot!

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