09 June 2009


new magazine?! :P if you steal Jenn's idea, I'll kill you.

I got my ice cream last night. It was tasty! <3 I wrote a rhyme-y poem last night...at 2:30 in the morning [gotta love those ones that wake you up!]...and it sucks. I mean, it's a good idea, but I still feel like all my rhyme-y poems are lame and cheesy.
but I'll share anyway

Can I make a promise to you?
It's one I want to keep
but sometimes my flesh gets in the way
and it's hard for me to see.

I promise you through everything
and with all that I can be
I will love you to the end of time
it will never cease.

in any and all situations
I want you to feel free
to say absolutely anything
because honest with you will I be

Don't be afraid to ask me something
or come to me in times of need
I will love you always
now until eternity.

Forget fears of abandonment
or friends who tend to leave
behind you and beside you
right here is where I will be.

You'll never have to look too far
or pay a costly fee
I promise that will I love you
Until God's face we see.

for friends are friends forever
and friends is what we will be
from now until forever
for all eternity.

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