07 June 2009

January Loves

I've always wanted to wish upon a star,
to cast those dreams into the wild blue universe
and have them return fruitful and true.
It's always been about catching that falling star
and cradling it closely, delicately
in hopes of a dreamful surprise.
But this time ... this time, it's changed.
I believe I've caught my shooting star
...right in the heart...
and now I'm having the hardest time breathing.


Are you my Prince Charming?
My heart is running a race.
i hate to tell you, but I had almost given up.
A knight in shining armor? for me?
this vision in every girl's heart just never seemed plausible.
My messy hair with a mind of its own
tag-teamed by a mind and heart wild with emotion and imagination
followed unsurely by a less than princess figure...
just did not seem to be the right mix.
I fought for confidence, a sense of hope
looking for the one who walked with me once upon a dream.
Often distcouraged and hurt, I fell to my knees
looking up for a miracle...an answer to prayer.
when the stars were aligned [He'd had a plan all along],
You came along, waltzing into my life
with no plans to leave.
is it really you?


Under a green sky with indigo clouds, I stood.
Watching chartreuse birds and mauvelous bees float by.
The sun shown tickle-me-pink and cast an ivory glow.
Trees stood scarlet and deceptive, my skin iridescent beneath them.
The mountains and grass glowed lavender and violet around me.
Over the horizon of teal you rode, and offered me your hand.
you lead me away to your world and dreams
to spring green grass beside icy blue brooks.
the sky turned a peaceful blue, the clouds a starry white.
trees swayed in the wind, deep shades of forest green and brown.
all is right in this world, where the sun shines yellow and hot
as long as I'm with you
together for now..forever.

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