26 June 2009

something I realized and temporarily forgot

Okay, so I found this song the other day called "My beloved" by Kari Jobe. She also sings "Revelation Song" which I'm sure some of you have heard. I think I talked about it in one of my previous posts.

Anyway, this song is incredible. If I was doing one of those little quiz things that eventually asks you which song makes you cry, it would be this one.


If you read the lyrics, you might notice the capitalizations of certain words - the obvious ones being those describing our Adonai. Go look again though..

I think one of my favorite phrases in the entire song is You're Beautiful to Me.
If you read this like any normal sentence, it's quite a compliment. To have someone call me beautiful is very special if they truly mean it. To me, that is one of the highest compliments that can be given to me. Beauty is more than just outward appearance, but that's quite a different story for quite another time.
This statement stuck out to me because of the way it was typed.
And for what I'm about to say, you can call me a geek or nerd if you want...I don't care. I'd rather be one. :)

Beautiful is capitalized. When I realized this I was sitting with Hannah and it was in the wee hours of the morning, so my analogy was a little crazy, but I haven't quite been able to make it any better.

You're Beautiful to Me.
It's like God is saying "If I were to look the word 'beautiful' up in the dictionary, your picture would be next to it."
We are "beautiful" personified to Him. Flawless in a sense.

With all of my imperfections--my lack of what a typical guy in this day and age would call 'attractive,' my tendencies to be overly clingy [like a lot of girls], my stupid sense of humor, and my ridiculous nature to hurt those I love--

I am THE BEAUTIFUL ONE in His eyes.

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