15 June 2009



Family reunion was last weekend - lots of trains, babies, food, cards, water, and mosquitoes. even on my tumm.

I haven't written much lately, whoops.

Sitting on babies 9-12 everyday. It's a task. They're crazies. Nothing I can't handle though, just a little on the annoying side.

Almost finished with Anne of Avonlea. I'm trying not to rush it ... I don't want to finish it while I can't get the third one. :P

My tumm looks Mexi.


Anne Shirley makes me want to write. One of my favorite parts so far in the first two books is when she and Diana stumble upon Miss Lavender Lewis. The painted picture of her little house and gardens is just incredible. It's so amazing to find a kindred spirit in the middle of no where when you least expect it. :)

I write feverishly
of inspiration personified.
one moment frozen in time
a picture of beauty.

It is you I dream of
amidst the lavender breeze.
Your face comes with ease
on the beat of Imagination's wing.


God keeps leading me back to 1 Corinthians 13. The first three verses are hard to swallow if you really think about it. We are nothing without love - not love as it is defined in this day and age by most people, but love as it was meant.
Love is a choice. It requires action, investment, time. It's not just a feeling, it's a covenant.
Tonight the part in verse five that says "love keeps no record of wrongs." I struggle with that so much. It's hard not to hold a grudge when people have hurt you. It's hard not to just let the imperfections of others slide sometimes. It's hard to forgive and put love in the place of anger, malice, hurt, and desire for revenge.

Love...without keeping score.

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