25 June 2009

NCIS is on pause

because neighbors are over...
so I thought I'd take this moment to just make a few little blurbs.

1. I love music..a lot of it.
2. One of my favorite 'past times' is talking about the Lord. I love having conversations about my Daddy upstairs. My heart gets in a whirl and I just..it's incredible to speak of Him with others.
3. It is more than a blessing to have people, family even, to discuss Him with. There's just something about discussing your Savior with others who also believe that cannot be described.
4. NCIS is one of my favorite shows.
5. Tomorrow is Friday which means my first bonfire of the summer...I pray it will not be the last.
6. Consequently, tomorrow is also the next time I get to see Jennifer Parr! suhhweet!
7. I love my bonfires because God always shows Himself and I get to join hearts once again with so many dear friends, no matter what has happened since our last conversation.
8. Lucy Maud Montgomery is officially one of my favorite authors. She was before, but even more so now that I am in book three of Anne Shirley's adventures.
9. I will never quite understand why God has blessed me so much.
10. I want a Tinker Bell costume to go with my Tinker Bell Pez dispenser.

"throw it away
forget yesterday
we'll make the great escape"

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