15 February 2009

I'm amazed

and up entirely too late for words.
However, I've acquired quite a bit of new music today from two lovely sources.
Many of the songs I've heard before, but one has thrown my heart into a whirlwind tonight.
It's called "Amazed" [Jared Anderson]
You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around, but I never hear the sound
Those two lines brought me to my knees. I'm not kidding. He so often protects us when we only see that destruction is ahead. He protects us when we don't even see that we could be hurt or our poor fragile hearts could evaporate in the storm.
I find myself looking back over my life, recent and past experiences, and realizing, indeed, how incredible His love is for me. I see so very clearly how He blocked the punches and hard blows I was to experience. He took so much of the hurt and pain directed at me so that I wouldn't have to experience it. He stood as my Shield, my Pavilion of shelter in the raging storm. He crouched over me, holding me, allowing those powerful, forceful blows to rend his body to pieces. He took it for my sake, though I fall short of His mercy on a daily basis, though I mock Him and hurt Him with my words and actions and take advantage of His love.

I am left speechless and amazed...
by Him.

..how You loved me...

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  1. AH! love this. You are wonderful at this writing thing. This brought to my mind two different songs(surprise surprise). Addison Road's Hope... line that says, "How quickly I forget, I'm yours," and the 33 miles song By your side with the line that goes, "Why are you looking for love, why are you still searching, as if I'm not enough." Those are two of my favorires:)
    I am so amazed sometimes as how easy it is for me to forget that I am loved and pursued by the Prince of Peace.