14 April 2009


Explain yourself.

How do I start? Where does this feeling come from? The obvious answer would seem so simplistic to you, but it is so much more than you are allowing yourself to see. Open your eyes, your ears of understanding. Let the world fade from your mind and body.

I want to show you.

I want you to see, to touch, to feel what I find myself delving into at this very moment. Come with me? Join me? Cast away your nets, for they are tangled and never to be free.

He is!

You can finish that sentence with whatever you want. Truth, life, mercy, grace, THE way, the path to righteousness, the Judge, Father. He is my all. He is the all. He is all there is. Past, present, future. He alone will last.

His promises, for me.

Personalized by His signature, these checks, promises, fall from heaven and give me what I have need of. I speak Your name!

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