26 April 2009

Catelyn (whom I love)

sometimes it takes a text message on a southern Sunday morning from a friend you've long since conversed with to bring your week full-circle.

I woke up to the most beautiful text from a dear sophomore friend at my old high school. So throughout the day we've been discussing our lives and loves -- changes, similarities, constants, and most things that impact us. She's beginning to realize, much like I did, that certain environments aren't the best for your Christian walk. She's getting closer to the Lord and told me that I was half the reason. She said she saw something in me -- the surety I had..and when I didn't, my reliance on the Bible to find it. I used to write Bible verses on my wrist with Sharpie during the hard times in my life. I had almost forgotten how helpful that was to me...wow.

I tell you, it's such a joy to find that your actions, your life, your love, have impacted someone else and helped them.

I am overcome with joy.

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