27 April 2009

still reeling

I'm still reeling from 1 Corinthians 13.

I can speak any language.
I can speak kindness... caring words.
My words can be sweet like honey to the ears.
I can prophecy of things that were, are, and will come.
My knowledge and understanding can go beyond simple academics.
My faith can abound to the ends of the earth.
I can have enough faith to build a mountain, to move a mountain, to part the seas.
My life can be a dedication to the poor.
I may live my life in servitude to those around me.
I can sell my possessions and live entirely for the bettering of others.
My life can be lived as a martyr in other countries, or in this one, for the Word.
I can give and give and give...
but if I do not LOVE, I am nothing more than a wasted breath.

Check these kids out:: http://calebandsol.blogspot.com
their music is incredible...the lyrics are fabulous. There's more on their myspace, so check that as well. It will touch you.

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