28 April 2009

Transition [midnight cry]

I wrote this tonight...We had a worship thing on campus called Transition. I definitely think you guys should visit the website: collegeatgrace.com/transition.aspx. It's so incredible. I had so many burdens lifted from me tonight and I just feel so free, like I can float. I've heard the anaolgy made of carrying a heavy burden up a mountain and finally being able to put it down, but tonight I feel like the man in the Crucible who was laid on the ground and had stones piled upon his chest until he died. The only difference is this: I had the weight lifted tonight and am now finally able to breathe! I feel like I have been trapped under water, lungs burning, for so long. And just tonight was I able to take a gasp of air and I don't want to stop breathing.

when everything else is gone
when you're alone
all your friends have left you
abandonment closes in upon you.
loneliness wrenches at your heart
and tears your clothes, rending your body
and leaving you for dead
look up .... I am there
everlasting and never to leave you
never forsaking you or letting
them get to you.


and I will call peace over you
I will bless you beyond your dreams
I will give you the desires of your heart
and lavish my unending love on you.
I will present you to all as mine.
You are mine.
You are mine

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