30 April 2009

It's not too late, it's never too late

Urgh, this week has been intense. I just finished my sociology paper and my Chemistry project. We had to devise some .. 'something' to display some of the concepts we learned in class. It could be anything from a song to a powerpoint to a video. I chose to do a children's book.
It's called "Are you my opposite?"
Get this, the attention-getter is on the back. It says "Cation and anion are opposites. Somehow they are lost. CAN YOU HELP CATION FIND ANION?"
Clever, I know. Don't hate.
For 5% of my grade, I guess it's fab.

Enough chit-chat for this late hour. I'm off to bed, that's for sure.


For the record, Jennifer Parr rocks my socks.

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