26 April 2009

swooning memory

I recently awakened to find myself in love with a memory...
closing my eyes brings this comparison between waves, the ocean, and history back again.
like the tide goes and come, we trip and fall.
I'm in love with a memory,
but I'm deciding to move on and leave it behind.
Memories are special; precious arrow heads found half buried in the tilled ground.
...sometimes they are to be left there to be forgotten, planted.
for collecting them all would mean carrying the weight of the world
in these calloused palms.
what say you to this memory I am in love with?
I say it is time to let go of what I know has been holding me back.
I say it is time to drop this pack of memories and run the last, steepest portion of this mountain
to finally reach the tip, the peak, the climax of this life.
On the way back down, we'll remember what we've been and where we've learned.
Until then...

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