09 April 2009

indecision and mental havoc still seek to destroying

It's days like this when I'm feeling something
something in the slap of the wind
something in the vibe from the grass.
To place a finger on it would only increase the
discomfort, ambiguity, deception.
What is this we are after to gain?
Are we mere mortals?
or do we feel beyond our sensory fail.
I hold my tongue
in an effort to dam this spitting buildup of words
impossible solutions
wilting ferns and bodacious promises.
and out
and out
as if the moon itself lay hand to this thoughtful tide.
Again I am not one to chase what knowledgeably, fearfully
will inevitably, quickly return.
and yet
and out
I run, trip, fall, hurt,
I rise
limb by fatigued limb
beat by beat
and out
to the source of You.

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