07 April 2009


Dear Diana,
Though we have known each other for such a short time, I feel so close to you. But...I'm so very tired of being the only one to see these issues and yet I know I am not the only one to recognize the situation...I am just the only one who has acknowledged it. I know you can't be in the middle because we're only acquaintances, but I feel I can talk to you.
I miss talking to you.
While we are only acquaintances, we are best friends. Or...you are my best friend. I'm beginning to see through the absence of your letters and telegrams that you may not feel the same way. Sometimes you feel so close to me, but during these times of desperate longing, I feel that you are farther away than the sun at midnight.
Dear friend...dear, dear friend, please return my letters. I write to you because I care. I write to you because I feel we have a bond. I don't write to you out of boredom, but rather pure necessity because of the high position you have come to hold in my mind, in my life, in my heart. You are quite important to me.


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  1. Dearest Anne,
    I hate that I am just now finding this. Especially since I have a paper due 6 minutes ago. Do know that I love and cherish you. And how much more Abba, our Heavenly Father, yearns for our closness. You are never far from my mind sweet Anne, and ever closer to my heart. Soon we will be in each others company. Until then, keep your head held high and your eyes alert for a midnight Sun-burst. All my love,