28 April 2009

be still my soul

God is so good to me!

I've been stressed beyond belief for the past week and I know that this week is going to be hard, but God has blessed me.

I find myself daily in the company of friends and strangers...and though they know it not, they are a comfort to me. I miss dearly the friends of high school and days gone by, but am anticipating so much the future, that sometimes these days pass me by without notice.

God has put people in my life to slow me down and help me to see Him. I am so in love with Him and loving them with a passion and care that is indescribable.

My friends mean so much to me. I will rock you up and down if you hurt them or say something against them. I won't have it. They mean more to me than the breath that slips carelessly from these faint lips.

Be still my soul, be still my heart. I can barely breathe...He is on my side.

Isn't that such an incredible statement? My poor body can hardly handle it. I shudder in amazement and pure weakness. He is my all. My everything.

He blesses me with the most incredible friends ever. Woahbuddy. I'm just too excited.

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