17 November 2010

story of my life

This is the second verse & chorus to Trip Lee's "Yours To Own."

You placed me in the city that I'm in for a reason
Sent folks in my life that was friends for a season
Some exposed my flaws and my sin - it wasn't pleasin'
And others fell from the faith & was leavin'
If I respond wrong I'm dishonoring Your grace
And I'm kind of just a product of my mind and not the faith
But You are my Father - the Refiner, full of grace
And You're the designer of my time and in my place
I could take the easy route and follow all the trends
Of my brothers and my sisters, pastors and my friends
It probably wouldn't lead to a disaster in the end
But I can't be followin' the path You givin' them
Yup, you made me me, with my own set of gifts
So I won't settle for less You bless You never miss
I'll be steward who You made me, steward where You place me
And I pray that You use me like crazy.
ALL of my life is Yours to own, You orchestrate it all along
And if my life is a cup come fill it up so the whole world can see
what YOU've done.

I can't even begin to explain how this whole entire song completely fits my life right now. I don't know why God put it on my heart tonight, but He did and it really just spoke. The most powerful line - if I respond wrong, I'm dishonoring Your grace. WHAT? WOW.

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