10 November 2010

A few random thoughts

The moon last night was in rare form - a perfect crescent. Light has taken a rather prominent role in my thoughts of late. The entire moon was still visible, but the brightest part was so bright that it did not fit with the rest of the moon.
The light shines brighter than the darkness.

A friend of mine said the sky was "fire blue" yesterday...what a concept. Does that not just blow your mind? Fire blue. Google it. The sky was seriously the same color as all of those Google images.
Is there a Fire Blue Crayola Crayon yet?

I just made one of the most incredible purchases ever. You'll have to wait a while to find out. It's a surprise (and we all know how I am when it comes to those...GREAT). I hate when I get myself into this kind of trouble.

On another front, I just found an internship with Crayola that I may possibly be interested in applying for at some upcoming date, however, said internship is a six-month program that would require me not being at school for a little while because Crayola calls Pennsylvania home.

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