16 November 2010


They say a picture is a thousand words, but I'm not quite sure I can put enough words on this little post to justify the greatness of our God's display in this picture.
Abigail and I were walking from Deerfield to her car - really only a few yards - when the wind started to blow in a roar. I'd seen the sky on the way home from work and knew the sunset was going to be explosive, but didn't imagine this. We took a picture of this really big leaf (probably the size of my face or bigger) and then sprinted to her car. Right before we got in, I looked up at the sky (obviously. Sometimes my whole head stays there) and I saw the most incredible yellows and oranges and browns and pinks and mauves all mixed together in a sky-explosion.
Sometimes I think God just wants to say, "I.AM.HERE."

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