27 November 2010


I get the feeling that my family is somehow abnormal and it's not exactly my extended family, but my involvement with them.
See, I have three Thanksgivings.
That's right. Three.
Thursday is always at my aunt's house - the one who gave me my middle name. I bear it with pride. Maybe one day I'll live up to the awesomeness she's given it. My immediate family, her immediate family, my grandparents, and her husbands extended family ALL get together at her house. I've never eaten so much green bean casserole in my life, but WOW. It was delicious. That's probably one of my most favorite dishes. I don't understand why we wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to have it. Sometime around 2 or so every thanksgiving afternoon, we slip into a coma - on the couch, in a chair, somewhere on the floor. Inevitably, it happens. We sleep for hours.
This year, I woke up and went to coffee. Starbucks was honoring the sabbath of American holidays by closing its doors, but Steak & Shake is always available, of course. The coffee was delicious and the conversation was more wonderful. (Throw in a little fruit ninja here and there)
Friday is usually Thanksgiving at my Granny's house. Since my Papa died 2 years ago, we've had it at my aunt's house to relieve Granny of some stress. Who wants to clean their house for 35 to 40 family members to come over?! She's also trying to sort through things so it's just easier to have it at my aunt & uncle's brand new house. Our cars line the street. Praise the Lord there's only one house on their street right now. We used the parking lot at the elementary school across from my Granny's house for years. We have that many family members on my dad's side. It's incredible. Thirteen grandkids. Not to mention extended family - my Granny's sister & her husband, their kids and grandkids, and more that are related, but I'm not quite sure how. My Aunt June, Granny's sister and practically her twin, made the most heavenly sweet potato souffle I've ever had in my entire life. There were pecans on top. I'm not a fan. But these practically melted in my mouth. Marvelous. After stuffing myself once more, Kyndal and I loaded up for some coffee at  wonderful place down the road - BareBulb Coffee. Delicious. I miss working in a coffee shop. More so, I miss having something BESIDES Starbucks!! Their coffee has morphed over time into mechanized, flavorless liquid. It truly doesn't have the depth, boldness, and all-around flavor of a coffee shop - both in atmosphere and in coffee! It's incredible that these people have opened a shop and are thriving. I'm excited to see how God uses them!! If you're in middle Georgia or maybe just driving through - definitely check this place out. It's worth it.
After some wonderful Pumpkin Spice coffee (more information on the Jesus Fall Collection to come) and conversation with Kynnie and Matt, I spent a good two hours jamming out on the guitar with my ever-so-talented uncle. It was ridiculous. Probably one of the most awesome times of my life. I'm not good. Well, I'm okay, but not as good as he is BY FAR, but we played some grand songs and just...played. It was fabulous and it WILL happen again - soon. If not tomorrow night (GO DAWGS!)
Speaking of football, did I mention how ridiculous my family is? For a few minutes, I thought we were waiting to start dinner until the Iron Bowl was over (complementary colors won. I knew it!), but we were really waiting for some other family to get there. I still think that was a cover. We're all such SEC fans. However, most of them were rooting for Bama. Dumb Dumb Dumb. I also called Auburn's 2nd-half-comeback. Skills, I tell you. Skills.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving #3 - the Wilsons. My grandmother's family. Yep. I'm quite serious. Her brothers & sisters still get together with their families for a huge feast. When my great-grandmother was still alive, it was regularly on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (and Christmas), but since her death it's been sporadic. Tomorrow....we're having spaghetti. I've never been so excited in my life.
Spaghetti is my all-time favorite.

I'm thankful for huge family. Seriously. I wouldn't have it any other way. God is so good.

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