14 November 2010

If I could categorize this weekend in one word

it would be "Crayola" for more reasons than I can begin to count on my face.
Tons of coloring occurred Saturday while at the really awesome football extravaganza in the Ballroom. I wore my Crayola pants today while I painted.
Friday was spent outside for the most part. I napped for a little while like it was early September and winter was still far in the distance. My favorite naps happen outside. Susan and I went to dinner afterward and then to Hoop Madness aka pep rally for basketball season that was both entertaining and highly boring all in one sitting. They had Clark-ATL's drumline come in which pulled at my heartstrings and made me miss Kam, Colton, Cody, Reggie, and so many more cats from the good ol' PHS. I have to say, those were definitely some of the funnest times ever. Band. It seems cliche and maybe quite nerdy, but I enjoyed it. It was my first true experience in "family" outside of my blood family. I would go as far as to call them my mishpochah at the time because they truly were my spiritual family. I lived and breathed with those people. I don't think too many people will understand what I mean if I say, "Off.and down," or how we all know the exact pause between those words to make it uniform. It's a breath. It's a passion. It was awesome.
And here I am rambling. Can you tell I'm tired? I've spent all day working on one project or another and I'm still not quite done. I've been writing a 4 page essay on Haggai and the difference between post-exilic and pre-exilic prophets in the Bible. I only meant to make it 3 pages, but it all came out in 4 so that's alright. I spent a good bit of time working on my latest mistake - a self-portrait assignment for painting class - and still left angry. Thursday was a good day in class and I felt rather comfortable with the outcome, but I left the studio today with my butt on my shoulders because it wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I was happy with it until I realized I was a bit too tan for the liking of my professor.
So what? I wanna be black.
I still have a 500 word reaction paper due for my British Literature class, but it will have to wait until the morning. I'm about to shower and get in the Word before crashing...I may just skip the shower until tomorrow as well. That's how tired I am.
p.s. This morning at Connect Rome was incredible. New series: "F-Bomb" and no it's not what you think. It's forgiveness and it's quite like taking a bandaid off really fast - it hurts, but it's needed.
So thankful for a pastor who can get up in front of the congregation and be honest and transparent about his own shortcomings. Yes, he is to be a teacher, an example to the congregation, but he is a human like the rest of us...and I find that reassuring.

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