24 February 2011

tears of joy

It seems like a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but I had to relay this message to you.

Sweet Kate McRae (see my previous posts here and here or visit her website) had a spinal tap last week to see if the cancer had spread to her spinal fluid (they are fighting right now with two lesions that have recently shown up on a different part of her brain from the cancer they treated this past year) . 

I cannot begin to tell you how joyfully I am coming to tell you that the cancer has not spread to her spinal fluid.

Praise to the Star Breather. The Creator. the Almighty. El-Shaddai..the ALL-sufficient One!

Kate's parents and doctors are still going through so many different processes to decide on the next step in treatment, but glory be to God for this small victory.

Regardless, God is victorious.
So thankful that He is gracious enough to show us the fruit of our prayers.

Throwing out some old-school here for you..heard this in the shower and remembered how much I loved it.
"if they only knew how you've mended my broken heart. Now I'm living. Your love is heaven on earth. I'll shout it out to all of the world."

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