30 June 2011


I don't usually feature bands on my blog simply because ... I don't. There's not a real reason. That's changing for a moment.

Don't let their age or skinny jeans fool you. These kids are legitimate. Their talent blows my mind. They take their influences from Chopin and classical arrangements...and somehow turn your typical punk rock music into something actually worth hearing. I'm a bit biased, possibly, because I know these guys on a semi-personal level (they're part of my church family) and I've seen their hearts when they worship, but all bias aside their talent is unreal and their mission for God is mind blowing. They're actively seeking and actively DOING for God.

On another note, they're doing this by themselves. That's just one more example of their drive and desire to go and do God's will that puts the rest of us - complacent and lukewarm - to shame.

Help them out.....then go and DO what God has called you to do.

Dot Org

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