20 February 2009

walk it out

I feel like most of my posts have been in regards to songs lately.
Forgive me, but music is definitely an extravagant part of life. If you haven't figured that out, then you might want to take a step back and reevaluate.

"On My Knees" By Nicole C. Mullen is a beautiful song.

When I don't know how, when, why, etc...I get on my knees.
"and there I am before the Lord that changes me. I don't know how but there's power..God gives me power."

I love MercyMe's song that describes an encounter with the Lord when finally reaching heaven -- will I stand, dance, fall, sit, kneel?! I don't see how standing could possibly occur.
I feel fairly certain that I will fall. If bruises were possible in heaven, I would totally bruise my knees purple and green falling in worship, adoration, thankfulness, and so many other inexplicable feelings.

we serve such an extravagant God and I feel that none of us notice how impressive He is. If you think about it, He's the end all. He is THE God. There is no other. He created the earth and all of the people there by Himself!

"I love you more than the sun and the stars that I taught how to shine." -- from Matthew West's "More"

He loves us more.
I must say, I am all about being loved extravagantly by my God. :) :)

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