12 February 2009

Stumblin' bumblin'

I was reading a friend's blog from a few months ago and stumbled across the lyrics to a song by a group I have listened to since I was little.
I'm sure most of you who have heard Christian music know Point of Grace. Many of their songs over the years have touched my life in the most precious and the most turbulent times. Once again, I feel they've come through for me.
The song I stumbled upon made me cry. I was a bumbling mess. My dear friend's blog referenced a time in her life, and consequently in mine, where we were both far from the Lord. While she wrote from her experiences, I remember well my side of the circumstances and situations. I remember the tears cried, hurt, confusion, and fullness of joy.
You might not believe that this was our senior year of high school. You also might not believe that we only spent two months together during this year.
This song, however, fits so perfectly the situations that we were both in and beautifully represents how we've both grown closer to our Father and deepened our walks with the Lord.
Not only does this song fit so well with my senior year of high school, I find now that it still speaks to my heart with situations and circumstances that I must deal with now. Ironically, it has been less than a year since I graduated high school, but I must say it feels like a lifetime.

I am constantly reminded of my Father's infinite mercy. Day after day, hour after hour, I fail..miserably. And yet, I always find Him lifting me up in His strong arms, embracing me with such strength that I know He will never let go and leave me abandoned. His love for me is so intimate, and yet so great. It is impossible to tell you how I feel about my God. My Savior...
"Jesus, lover of my soul..." :)

Instead, I will leave you with a link to the song that began this post.
Point of Grace - Heal The Wound

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