11 February 2009

Sunburnt Hands

I will probably tell you all day long that I really don't mind being single and it's fun.
For the most part, I'm telling you the truth.
However, for the other 27%, I am lying. Not only am I lying to you, I'm lying to myself.

Saying things like that makes it seem more bearable. I'm not saying that I'm desperate and there's no way I can live without a significant other that will turn into my spouse.


If you think that, do go back to Facebook - stalking that hot guy or girl you saw earlier.

I have a strong desire in my heart to get married and have a family. "Every girl's dream," you might say. Regardless of what I say, I do pray that I will get married and have a strong relationship with MINE...a relationship that is so centered around the Lord that our every word and action praises His name to the utmost.

In my colorful past, I've been pushed and pulled as boys have come into and quickly ran out of many dear friends' lives. I was the middle ground or shut out. It's true what they say, you know. When you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, suddenly all the world melts away...all other friends melt away. It's like frowning.
Life might seem easier that way, but in the end you're using more muscles.

I am thankful to say that I have already found my first love. :) Enough said.


This weekend is going to rock and roll your face. Forget Valentine's Day. If it really bothers you that much that you're single, you are thinking too much and trying to 'make it happen' too much and in your own time, so stop!!!
I am going home to spend time with my family, a few lovely friends, and my beb, Riley! :) I'm so excited about seeing all of them.

"Truth be told, I miss you....truth be told, I'm lying" -- AAR

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