16 March 2011

move move movement

Today has been so crazy. I just spent a good while doing one of those brainstorms where you just write whatever comes to mind, but instead of random statements I was asking questions. And yes, they were in list form.

I've got a pretty big decision coming up: How much do I want to be involved in Relay/CAC next year.
(side note: I'll be a senior. in college. in less than 2 months.)
I've blogged enough about Relay, I think, to at least give you a glimpse of my heart for the program and its goals. It's a big deal.

God's also put another calling on my heart - one that requires a more personal role. That's what my list was for - a hot ton of brainstorming for this one particular place where God said, "jump."

I'm listening to Rend Collective Experiment's Movements on repeat right now. Insane. Please check this song.
It, like so much else in my life (Crazy Love by Francis Chan for Bible study and Radical by David Platt, not to mention Connect Rome messages and talks with friends), seems to point to movement. Trust.

It's not giving out of our surplus, but giving out of our need.
It's not asking God for advice, but asking Him to take complete leadership.

David Platt said, "Sometimes Jesus launches direct attacks on our security and stability if it's not in Him."

Do you trust Him? God said move. Sitting here isn't an option. There's no such thing as a follower of Christ who isn't a disciple or isn't in the business of making disciples.

When Joshua and the Israelites were carrying the Ark of the Covenant across the Jordan River, Joshua didn't stand five feet from the river, look up, and say, "Alright, God. We're here. Move the water."
God said for them to touch the water with the soles of their feet (Joshua 3:7-8...actually, just the whole chapter) ... THEN He'd move the waters.

He calls us to move. "Jump," he says....then He will move.

I don't do this much. I rationalize and think, sweat and worry, before I dare stick my toe out there.
"God, is this sanitary? Are you sure?"

He will call you to whatever makes Him most glorified. Walk in that. Romans 8:28 says He will make all things beneficial if we love Him. His glory is most beneficial to us. Let Him be the foundation of your steps. Step out on HIM.

You can pray all you want. It's good. God said to cast your cares on HIM and to pray.
Faith without works is vain. (James 2:20)

Where is He calling you to move? How is He defining "trust" in your life?
How fast are you going to obey?


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