24 March 2011

creativity madness

I know most people are caught up in March Madness right now (and, gosh, I wish I was right along side them), but I've been stuck doing school work. I thought I'd take a second to share a little bit with you.

First of all, I'm taking this Renaissance Literature course. It has questioned my desire to be an English major so many times in the past six weeks - more than I can count - but I'm making it. After finishing Shakespeare's sonnets - yup..all of them - our assignment was to compose our own sonnet. Below is my attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet. Some parts of the meter are a bit off, as I was told today when I got my grade back, but I'm kind of proud. It's nice. And my professor said it was "fun." (points. seriously.)

The Lion

Most ferocious friend, 'tis here thou art found
Hidden amongst the folds of tousled sheets.
Ne;er i my poor heart thy mute roar will sound
for my absence thy favor doth mistreat.
Forever in my unkempt bed you lie
with transfixed and unmoved stares.
My heart beside you there desires to fly
betwixt the splendid stars and cool night airs.
But cunning Truth upon us hath achiev'd
a devilish sort of trickery so bleak:
These cherished lies my heart hath e'er believ'd
and though my presence thou doth swiftly seek,
Thy love and mine shall always be foreign,
For cloth art thou always, my stuft lion.

I've also spent a few nights working on and brainstorming my project for 2D-design. We had to take a text (it could be any length we like) and create an image from that text. She didn't want a direct translation of the text into the image, but, of course, wanted to go a step further to create something original and avoid cliches (like any good design, I'd think). I chose the word "trust" after spending a few weeks thinking about what it means to trust God.
In a "non-spiritual" way, I toyed with the idea of a child's trust in .. something - whether it be parents or authority figures or someone/something else and how this trust is almost blind at times. In a more spiritual way I asked the question, "If the storm's coming, will you still trust God with your most prized possession?" 

(excuse the poor image quality - it's from my phone)

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