28 March 2011

the "just got paid" friday nights

Purely for your enjoyment:

While sitting on our beds at our respective homes over spring break, Sarah and I decided to make an epic dinner this past Friday for Susan and Madison. We even decided on three recipes (Entrée, side, and dessert) and commenced our ingredients-gathering while our mothers were around to help with logistics.
In essence, we've been planning this dinner for a LONG time.
Friday rolled around - I was a bit sick from allergies and Sarah was dealing with some other rooming issues for next year, but that didn't phase us. We hit up Walmart for our last remaining ingredients AS SOON as we were out of work/class, then came back to legitimately blow up the 3rd Morgan kitchen.
It was epic.
We started out with our dessert - Beignets straight from Disney's Princess & The Frog cookbook. I've never had them, but I knew they had to be good...after all they're "man-catchin' beignets." Well, we didn't catch any men. We DID almost catch the kitchen on fire. Let's just say frying is interesting in a dorm where the smoke alarms are EXTRA sensitive. The dough started out a little soupy so we had to modify the instructions. The result, at first, looked like a lot of things besides cute little squares, but after they were sprinkled (okay..more along the lines of dredged) in(with) confectioner's sugar, they were to die for.
We started with dessert for obvious reasons - more munching time. =)
Second, we made some potato-poppers, but we modified the recipe to include more potato. These ALSO involved frying bacon. Sarah took that task on and rocked it. She's a good bacon fryer..and beignet fryer. =) While making those we made our own chicken tenders - breaded and EVERYTHING. Gosh, they were good. I also liked this recipe more because it involved baking instead of more frying. Less grease = better sometimes. Especially with those beignets to look forward to!!

After getting flour and grease everywhere, opening the window to let out some of the "smoke," partially having a facial from the oven, washing a few dishes, arranging the plates/bowls on the table, and cleaning a bit....we were ready.
Sus and Madi came with a homemade card and cute tissue paper flowers for us - such a fabulous dinner gift. =)
Also - needed detail - Sarah and I wore dresses to class/work that Friday and, of course didn't get to change before dinner (yup..we cooked in cute dresses, too) so Sus and Madi dressed up as well. Adorable.
Our dinner was just beautiful. We chatted. We took pictures.

We ate. We laughed. We practically died over the beignets. So good. I've missed homemade family dinners and, in absolute honesty, that was the best meal I've had in three years. SO good to sit with those girls.

We left there for a little Cups & Mugs action - seriously my favorite. We played board games all night (Sorry and Jenga to be exact) and chatted it up with Matt, Allison, and Claire -- Some of the most incredible people you'll meet in Rome. Check them out. For real. We also chilled by the Forum on the bridge, took crazy jumping pictures and sat on a cute little swing - all four of us. We're cute.

I can't tell you how much I love these girls.. I can't tell you how much they challenge me, how much they make me laugh, how much they build me up, how much I enjoy their company, how much I love seeking God with them, how much they love. Even when circumstances are so rough and unbearable at times, they are there - rock solid. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have people comment on our "posse" and to have the privilege to call them my core family. I love them SO much.

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