22 March 2011


Our personalities change depending on our company - how close you are to the people you're with, how you met them, your common interests, where you are, what you're doing.

But where do you find your identity?

It's simple, almost comfortable, for us to find our identities in our careers, a significant other, family, or friends...but is that where it should be?
These people, just like you and I, are looking for something to define them. When they leave, what will you identify yourself in, by, or with?

If you were to strip everything away today - all your family, all of your friends, your current location & job - where would you find your identity?

There is only one place to find yourself - in the One that does not change, does not end, and will not leave.

A friend of mine told me today, "I've never been more okay with dating God than I am right now. I know my identity is safe in Him. I don't have to worry about Him checking out or changing with the fads. I can be me in Him because all I am is who He is."


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