29 March 2011

Class Schedule

Well, I post this every semester, I think, when I figure out what kind of classes I'm going to take. Why should this one be any different? Here's what the remainder of 2011 looks like for Beth:

Spanish 101 (Block A)
Spanish 102 (Block B)
(I can't decide if this is good or bad..will I be fed up with school and be frustrated? Or will it be productive and fun?)


9-9:50 Spanish 200 (yay..spanish..more spanish)
10-10:50 Badminton (with Sarah. I've never been good at this sport, but I'mma try and have funsies =))
12-12:50 Realism/Naturalism (YAY LIT! with one of my favorite professors)
Work in the afternoon

8:30-9:20 Spanish lab (I'm not sure what this does..but, yes, I'll get up early)
9:30-10:45 Shakespeare (dreading..except it's with my advisor and he's fabulous)
2-3:15 Contemporary Lit (with yet another favorite, except he grades harshly on essays)
4:15-5:30 Graphic Design (yup..no more art history. bittersweet. this is with Susan. I'm STOKED)
Work maybe 11-2.

I could probably put up my classes for spring semester, but I'll be nice and hold off on that. BUT, for the record, I do have them planned out and that's a little frightening. I'm almost finished with four years of college...seventeen years of school. ah.

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