24 February 2011

wishful thinking

I keep remembering those days when Wednesday nights or Friday nights were spent at Cups & Mugs.
I miss those nights a lot right now.
I'm in need of some incredible Kenyan coffee and maybe a game of Apples to Apples with my favorite people.

Beyond that...I'm finally starting my new journal tonight. I've been too busy to look at it lately.
I feel like I've been in mom-mode all day today.
One of my best friends got a DM from Glozelle on Twitter.

God is still good. Thankful for the ability to breathe today - what a promise that He is continually with us. The Tetragrammaton "YHVH" or "Yahweh" as it is transliterated (or Jehovah) actually consists of the Hebrew letters יהוה‎ which are gutteral tones that are more like breaths than actual letters if that makes sense (I'm leaping over the technical terms here).
In essence, we breathe those...Breathe in. breathe out. Yahweh.

We call on His name even when we don't think we have the strength to..even to our very last breath. We call on the power and strength He gives.


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