16 February 2011

One more post about Relay

I promise I'll stop bombarding you with posts about Relay as soon as Kickoff is finished tomorrow night.

Paint Berry Purple week has been a fabulous success so far. I'm really excited about how everything has gone. We've successfully painted Berry purple in a classy way, tye dyed a ton of shirts on Krannert lawn (seriously - this was a massive success. I was impressed. It went so much better than I thought at first), handed out awkward stickers that say things like "Want to spend the night with me? Ask how," and tons of other fun things. OH - BUBBLES! We handed out bubbles as well.
Tomorrow night is the big kicker, though. At 7pm we will officially be launching this year's Relay for Life. I'm terribly excited, but terribly nervous at the same time. God has shown favor on us, I think...it's been fabulous so far. He's allowed so much to go smoothly when none of us have had a good hold on it. I'm so thankful that HE comes through, even when we fall short.
We're having a few guest speakers tomorrow night. We haven't done a run-through of what's going to happen. We're simply going to get up there and do it.
That's scary.
I know it's going to be fabulous though. Everyone keeps asking me how many people I expect (for various reasons) and I keep saying, "Go big or go home. We'll have 100 people there."
I didn't start doubting that until today...and with how many people showed up to tye dye shirts, I'm confident we might have 100 people there tomorrow night. I keep stalking the facebook event page as well. Is that awful??

I really just need your prayers, though. I know satan will try to hit me hard tomorrow and make me doubt. I know he'll try to hit the whole committee. He will throw whatever at us that he can. Will you help me pray against that? And pray in favor of a God-filled, God-glorifying event tomorrow night? I'd appreciate it more than you know. Our God is so big.

My iTunes is on shuffle right now and I was checking a few statuses on Facebook. Rush of Fools' "Peace Be Still" started playing, but obviously what I'm reading takes precedence over what's coming in my ears. I think God knew that as well. A friend's status said this:
"Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God." Why are we so bad at this?!? Why cannot I not sit still for a certain amount of time without thinking about something that I could be doing?!? Just a thought. I think a lot more would be accomplished if we could learn to stop and focus on God for a while..."

What truth.
I needed that.
Going to be still for a while.
So thankful for all of you.

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