06 February 2011

contented sigh

I come up with the most random post titles ever. I'm convinced.

This weekend was crazy fabulous after the week I had. I didn't accomplish much on the homework side of things, but it was time for a tiny break anyway. I'll get on that directly.

Friday began with one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, sweet Emily. Our breakfast was short, but oh so sweet. It's impossible to walk out of her presence without a sense of God's love. She is just beautiful. The rest of the day was a whirlwind of crazy - I stepped in a puddle one time, left my homework in my dorm, met with a professor later about said homework, didn't give a scheduled presentation, met with someone in Res. Life about Relay, chatted about David Platt's Radical, was bombarded by hugs and beautiful people at lunch time (including the ever-so-fab Leigha), played a Fender Telecaster at work..for fun, had dinner with MORE fabulous people, and had a glorious nap.
It was somewhere around this point in time when my weekend with Sarah began. Recapping the craziness would do no good. I'll just say there was fun, movies, pictures, laughs, serious talks, Jesus, worship, hugs upon hugs, and so much talk of cookies with no follow through.
All of that just makes me anticipate summer MORE. It will be incredible. I can just tell.

So ridiculously thankful for this girl and her heart.

Church this morning and Bible study seriously made me step back and look at everything I try to control - even Bible study itself!! It's crazy to me how we have NO time whatsoever..not that we are guaranteed at least. God is THAT big.

I'm so thankful for my Bible study girls. We're a small group, but it's so incredible to see how we've all grown in the past six months - absolutely incredible. We don't see each other everyday of every week, but we still do life together. We still deal with relationship issues, ridiculous classes, questions about the Word, and so much else. I'm ridiculously thankful for all the incredible people I get to serve with and LIVE with on a daily basis. My heart could not be more full of God's presence. WOW.


Four years ago, I missed the Superbowl. My brother was in an awful wreck that Sunday morning on the way home from a friend's for church. It should've taken his life. That was definitely one life-changing day and week of my life. So thankful that God still had purpose for him on this earth. I love my big brudder!!!

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