21 February 2011


I decided tonight to take a break from Facebook and Twitter for one week.
Within five minutes I realized how hard that would be.
I'm addicted to social networking and the information that pours in from these various places - both good and bad.
It's easy to get caught up in the pictures, words, and thoughtful-or thoughtless-ness of the people around me and around the world.
Unfortunately, I've realized my need to find myself on my knees again in the face of my Father.

I feel like I'm including  you on a new journey - a journey toward some sort of organization and worthwhile juggling of the different facets of my life. A friend said it beautifully today - I wouldn't take away a single one of these different parts of my life. God has blessed me abundantly and I enjoy the tension, but I realize I need to do a better job of maintaining it all. Neglecting one part is no good. (See my previous post)

In order to control my wild procrastination right now, I am tuning out the information vomit of both Facebook and Twitter. This blog, my email, or a presh phone call will be your best bet at communicating with me.
I'm excited to diligently finish my homework this week (obviously after tonight because it's midnight and then some and I'm stuck in a cubby in some dark, dismal hole in the library).

More importantly....I'm excited to encounter God in a new way this week.
In more than one new way.

One of those starts tomorrow morning at 8am with some of the most beautiful souls I've ever encountered. Needless to say, there will be a hot ton of love and a hot ton of God (as if you could have one without the other) in Krannert tomorrow morning. Bright and early. Let the SON shine.

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