05 September 2010

Laboring Labor Day

This weekend has included:
1. visit from Caitlin - she's a pal.
-- Olive Garden, visiting Darlington School, 2012 (weird movie), Walmart, finding out Taco Bell is g.o.n.e., Shabbat wine, music, and a visit from Mandi, intense people watching (the Berry Invitational was Saturday), UGA game, 3 hour nap, Johnny's Pizza (eh), Sunshine Cleaners, random phone calls, ridiculous jokes, Connect Rome, Harvest Moon, hike around the Reservoir, getting locked in the gate, new friend at dinner, prospective NYConference attendance to see Trip Lee, Fouche Gap, five shooting stars, and a ton of time in awe of my Savior.

Incredible weekend? Doesn't even begin to explain. =) I love this place..these people..and I can't wait to see what God has in store!

Tomorrow will probably be filled with homework, but that's okay. The weather is fallish and lovely.
But for now, my body is yelling at me for bed - that hike around the reservoir took roughly 1.5 hrs...some up hill, some down hill, and some in between. It was beautiful, but intense.
Praise Adonai

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